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Advertising Opportunities Offers multiple Advertisement opportunities to reach the maximum audience for your Telegram Groups, Channels, and Bots. Find your suitable options from the list and boost now.

#1: Featured Listings

  • Top of Every Post: Place your group, channel, or bot at the top of every post and category archive for maximum visibility.

  1. Blog Post Telegram 1 Slot (BPT1)
  2. Blog Post WhatsApp 2 Slot (BPW2)
  • Top of List Table: Target specific audiences by placing your group, channel, or bot Link at the particular post that matches your target audience for maximum visibility.

Top of List Table
  • Highlighted Listings: Place your group, channel, or bot Link anywhere you want on the website

#2: Banner Ads

Side Banner Ads: Capture attention with prominent banner ads on our Blog (Not on the homepage), ensuring your promotion is seen by all visitors.

Banner Ads

#3: Sponsored Posts:

  • Blog Posts: Promote your Telegram group, channel, or bot through dedicated blog posts. Our team will help craft engaging content that highlights the unique features and benefits of your offering.

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Ready to boost your Telegram group, channel, or bot? Contact us today to discuss the best advertising options for your needs. Our team is here to help you design a campaign that fits your budget and maximizes your reach.

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What are the prices and payment methods?

Pricing of ad placement will depend on your ad type and current market demand. The pricing-related settlement will be done after an email or telephone conversation.

We accept payment through the three most popular ways of payment. All are below listed.

  • UPI: A product of the digital India movement. You will able to pay securely through this method.
  • NEFT: A classic way to make payment with Name, Bank Account Number and IFSC.
  • PayPal: The most secure and world’s leading payment sending & receiving platform.

Feel free to adjust contact information and any other specifics to better match your requirements.