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Add your Telegram Group/Channel Link to this website

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Adding your Telegram Group or Channel Link to this website can help you gain more dedicated group members or channel subscribers for free. If you own any group or channel and want to promote it in front of a large audience without any cost, then you’ve landed at the right place. JoinTelegramLink.Com allows you to share unlimited Telegram Group or Channel Links for absolutely free.

Add your Telegram GroupChannel Link to this website

Add your Telegram Group or Channel Link to this website

JoinTelegramLink.Com is a dedicated website for sharing Telegram Group or Channel Links. You can find 9999+ Telegram Group Links and Channel Join Links in various categories such as Gaming, Entertainment, Education, Sports, Business, Earn Money, Shopping, News, Technology, and many more.

At JoinTelegramLink, we believe in the strength of a powerful community. That’s why we’ve introduced the ‘Submit Telegram Link‘ feature on this website. Now, anyone can promote their Telegram Group or Channel invitation link for free to gain unlimited Telegram group members or channel subscribers who share common interests, goals, and passions.

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Link TypeGroup & Channel
Adding Link CostFREE
Updateon Post
Link ApprovalRequired
Contact MailView
How to PromoteFill the Form

What is Telegram Group Link?

A Telegram Group Link is a URL or invitation link generated by the group creator or admin. This link allows individuals to join a specific group on the Telegram messaging platform. Clicking on the group link directs users to the Telegram app, where they can choose to join the group.

Telegram Groups can have various privacy settings. Some links are set as public, enabling anyone to join without an invitation, while others are private, requiring approval from an admin. Telegram Group Links are often used to connect people with shared interests, such as communities discussing specific topics, hobbies, professional networking, or collaborative projects.

What is a Telegram Channel Link?

Telegram Channel Links, similar to group links, are URLs or invitation links generated by the channel creator or admin. These links allow individuals to join a specific channel on the Telegram app. Clicking on the channel link directs users to the Telegram app, where they can choose to join the channel.

Unlike groups, Telegram channels operate as one-way communication tools. Channel admins can broadcast messages, announcements, media files, and updates to a large audience. This feature makes channels suitable for businesses, content creators, news outlets, and other entities, facilitating content distribution.

How to Share Your Telegram Group and Channel Links?

The JoinTelegramLink.Com, allows you to share and promote your Telegram Group and Channel Link for free in front of a larger audience. You don’t need to register yourself for that, Without registration, you can add your Telegram Link to a Group or Channel by filling out the form. There are two forms, One for Groups and another one for channels.

Fill the form with accurate details including a brief description, relevant categories, or tags. This information helps users discover and join communities aligned with their interests, making it a seamless experience for both creators and participants.

Once you submit the link, It’ll pass through a verification process and once it is approved your links become visible to our expansive audience to join. The form submission process is designed to be straightforward, ensuring that users can easily contribute and take benefits.

1. Select Group or Channel Form:

  • Scroll down to the Form link below and Select the Group Form or Channel From Which you want to submit.

2. Navigate the form:

  • Once visit the Form link, navigate to the dedicated form where you can submit your Telegram Group and Channel links for others to explore.

3. Provide Details:

  • Share relevant details about your group or channel, including description, and any specific rules or guidelines users should be aware of before joining.

4. Choose Categories:

  • Select appropriate categories or tags that best represent the nature of your group or channel. This makes it easier for users with specific interests to discover and join relevant communities.

5. Verification Process:

  • To maintain the integrity of our platform and ensure a positive user experience, we have implemented a verification process for submitted links. This process helps filter out inappropriate or irrelevant content.

6. Link Approval:

  • Once your group or channel link is approved and verified, it becomes visible to other users on JoinTelegramLink.Com. This opens the door for community members to discover and join your group or channel, creating opportunities for meaningful connections.

How to Create Telegram Group and Channel Links?

1. Creating a Telegram Group Link:

  • Open your Telegram app and navigate to the group you want to share.
  • Click on the group name at the top.
  • Select “Invite to Group via Link” and generate the link.
  • Copy the link and use it to add your group to the JoinTelegramLink Website from the link below.

2. Creating a Telegram Channel Link:

  • Open your Telegram app and go to the channel you want to share.
  • Click on the channel name at the top.
  • Select “Invite to Channel via Link” and generate the link.
  • Copy the link to add your channel on the JoinTelegramLink.Com website from the link below.

Benefits of Adding Telegram Group or Channel Link to this website

  • Increased Visibility: Your group or channel gets visibility among a diverse audience interested in various topics.
  • Targeted Audience: Users can discover and join groups or channels tailored to their specific interests.
  • Collaboration Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing.
  • Community Building: Contribute to the growth of a vibrant community.

Rules for Adding Links:

  • Respectful Content: Ensure that your group or channel content aligns with our community standards.
  • Relevance: Share links that are relevant to the selected categories.
  • Accuracy: Provide accurate information about your group or channel.
  • Engagement Responsibility: Admins should foster a positive environment within their groups or channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make my Telegram group visible on Google?

Adding Telegram Group Links on this website makes your Group visible on Google through this website.

On which websites should I submit my telegram group link to get more telegram subscribers?

JoinTelegramLink.Com is one of the best and FREE platforms to submit your telegram group link to get more telegram subscribers.

How can I add members to my telegram group?

You can add unlimited members to your group by Adding your Telegram Group on this website.

How can I promote my Telegram channel for free?

Now you can promote your Telegram Channel for free on the JoinTelegramLink website by Submitting your link on the Form.


  • JoinTelegramLink.Com reserves the right to review and approve all submitted links.
  • Inappropriate or irrelevant content will be rejected during the verification process.
  • JoinTelegramLink.Com is not responsible for the content within external Telegram groups or channels.

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